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PP7964 - Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack - 2 octaves (without bag) Default title

Wak-a-Tubes 25 player classroom pack - 2 octaves (without bag)

Product code: PP7964

Barcode: 5055964132965

RRP £129.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • Contains enough instruments for a group of 25 players
  • Fun and easy for musicians of all ages to play together
  • Part of the Percussion Plus Colour Matching Note System
  • Also available with handy carry bag (PP7965)
  • Contains a full 2 octave chromatic scale
  • Made in the UK
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Made in the UKMADE IN THE UK
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The Wak-a-tubes 25 player two octave classroom pack

Get the whole class playing together with this school pack. Full contents is as follows:
  • 1 x C28
  • 1 x C#(Db)29
  • 1 x D30
  • 1 x D#(Eb)31
  • 1 x E32
  • 1 x F33
  • 1 x F#(Gb)34
  • 1 x G35
  • 1 x G#(Ab)36
  • 1 x A37
  • 1 x A#(Bb)38
  • 1 x B39
  • 1 x C40
  • 1 x C#(Db)41
  • 1 x D42
  • 1 x D#(Eb)43
  • 1 x E44
  • 1 x F45
  • 1 x F#(Gb)46
  • 1 x G47
  • 1 x G#(Ab)48
  • 1 x A49
  • 1 x A#(Bb)50
  • 1 x B51
  • 1 x C52
  • 1 x PP792 set of 8 Wak-a-Caps

The PP7964 includes all the contents of the PP7965 pack, just without the carry bag for those that already have a storage and/or transport solution in place, or simply do not require it. If you would prefer the Wak-a-Tube 25 player classroom pack with a handy carry case, please see PP7965.

Utilise the full two octave chromatic scale in this pack to play almost any piece or song. It's fun for the whole class!


Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured percussion instruments made from different lengths of plastic tubing. They’re fun and easy for musicians of all ages to play, a simple and inexpensive introduction to music making. They can be played in a wide variety of ways to create a range of different pitched sounds.

Produced in the Percussion Plus workshops in Leicestershire, Wak-a-Tubes are also supplied in multi-use packaging made of 100% recyclable materials, so you know that you’re doing your bit for the planet by buying UK made.

Who Waks?

Playing Wak-a-Tubes in a group is a great way to learn about teamwork and ensemble musicianship while having lots of fun. Unsurprisingly, this has made them very popular with schools. They are also widely used in corporate team building exercises and events due to the universal appeal of bright colours and noise! The simple playing technique breaks down any barriers to creativity and levels the playing field, allowing the least and most musically inclined to come together and have a wak.

How do you Wak?

Simply whack them against a hard surface, hit them against each other, or lay them out on a flat surface and strike them with beaters. For the best tone, strike the playing surface a few inches from the end of the tube. Why not try grabbing a couple of tubes and waking them together to produce chords?

As a rule, the bigger the tube, the lower its pitch. It can be fun to experiment with dynamics and timbre by varying the material the tubes are hit against, and the velocity with which they are struck. And don’t worry – they’re virtually indestructible!

The Percussion Plus Orchestra

Teaching a full class of young musicians is rewarding, but when everyone is playing different instruments we know it can be a challenge. One of the most attractive features of the wak-a-tube range is their compatibility with a range of other classroom instruments. Each of the tubes are vibrantly coloured according to our colour matching note system, which means that anyone can enjoy playing without requiring any knowledge of musical notation.

The tubes are colour-coded to match the following products:

So, what are you waiting for - start your Percussion Plus Orchestra today!

Taking care of your tubes

We recommend not waking against abrasive surfaces, which could damage or deform your Wak-a-Tubes. It is also advisable to avoid bending the tubes or using excessive force when waking. The use of dedicated beaters such as the PP064 will help to prolong the life of your set. They can be kept clean with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap if necessary. Always store indoors and away from direct sunlight.

The complete Wak-a-Tube range

See below for an interactive list of all available tubes. Highlight the packs to see which pitches are included.

PP790: C major scale, treble octave set PP791: Flats & sharps, treble octave set PP793: C major scale, bass octave set PP794: Flats & sharps, bass octave set PP792: Wak-a-Caps
C 28 + Wak-a-Cap
C# (D♭) 29 + Wak-a-Cap
D 30 + Wak-a-Cap
D# (E♭) 31 + Wak-a-Cap
E 32 + Wak-a-Cap
F 33 + Wak-a-Cap
F# (G♭) 34 + Wak-a-Cap
G 35 + Wak-a-Cap
G# (A♭) 36 + Wak-a-Cap
A 37 + Wak-a-Cap
A# (B♭) 38 + Wak-a-Cap
B 39 + Wak-a-Cap
C 28
C 28
C# (D♭) 29
C# (D♭) 29
D 30
D 30
D# (E♭) 31
D# (E♭) 31
E 32
E 32
F 33
F 33
F# (G♭) 34
F# (G♭) 34
G 35
G 35
G# (A♭) 36
G# (A♭) 36
A 37
A 37
A# (B♭) 38
A# (B♭) 38
B 39
B 39
C 40
C 40
C# (D♭) 41
D 42
D# (E♭) 43
E 44
F 45
F# (G♭) 46
G 47
G# (A♭) 48
A 49
A# (B♭) 50
B 51
C 52
Tube size & colour
Note name
Pitch on stave
Select some Wak-a-Tubes to use with your Wak-a-Caps