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NWS1-CLASS - Nuvo WindStars1 Classroom set Default title

Nuvo WindStars1 Classroom set

Product code: NWS1-CLASS

RRP £358.80 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • Nuvo's General Music program
  • Level 1 - Sound Before Sight
  • For Dood and Toot - also works with Recorder and Recorder+
  • Mix of 12 Dood and Toot instruments
  • School can claim 1 free teacher book, 1 student book and 1 Recorder+ direct
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Introducing the Nuvo WindStars1 Classroom set

WindStars is a book based program with supporting materials including videos, backing tracks and print files available to download for free at Nuvo WindStars. The instructional videos are also available on the WindStars YouTube channel. The WindStars curriculum has been completely designed with teachers in mind, even if the teacher is not a woodwind or brass specialist – the teacher book and website will tell you everything you need to know!

This flexible general music teaching method can be adapted to work alongside any existing music program, or as a standalone complete package. The methodology takes a standards-based, whole child approach with a focus on engaging and joyful musical experiences coupled with transferable instrumental skills which will be useful in later musical life.

WindStars1 is suitable for Dood and Toot, aimed at students from 5-9 years old. No prior musical experience is required.

The first instalment is entitled Sound Before Sight and encourages students to learn by ear, developing aural skills. Iconic notation is used to give a gentle introduction to musical notation. The student will use instruments to explore their own musical creativity, developing both fine and gross motor skills along with musical instrument playing techniques and embouchures.

The WindStars1 pack consists of:

  • 6x N430D Dood
  • 6x N430T Toot
  • 1x N320RD Recorder+
  • 1x NWS1TB Teacher book
  • 1x NWS1SB Student book

Have you seen the Nuvo Windstars books?

Windstar aim to offer a simple, effective, and affordable way for junior school kids to experience playing music together. The idea of a Windstar instrument is to give children a feel for what it would be like to play the real thing. The simpler version allows for skills to develop introducing a class or individual to what playing a wind instrument feels like for them.

Progressing through the program, specially put together by music professionals, children are able to play a musical instrument and develop a life-long love for music at an early age.

Windstars have three different levels to work through. You can start with Level 1 and progress through the stages at your own pace.

Click HERE to view the full range of Nuvo Windstars books.

For more information on Nuvo WindStars, please check out the manufacturer's video introduction to the program below or contact us today.