NCP1610-3 - Nuvo Clarineo/DooD/jSax 3 pack plastic reeds 1

Nuvo Clarineo/DooD/jSax 3 pack plastic reeds ~ 1

Product code: NCP1610-3

Barcode: 799439719514

RRP £5.99 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • 3 pack of reeds for Clarineo, DooD or jSax
  • Comparable strength to 1 strength cane reeds (soft)
  • A durable, washable alternative to traditional cane reeds
  • Great for young beginners
  • Available in three strengths; 1, 1.5 or 2
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The Clarineo, DooD and jSax use Nuvo synthetic reeds, which are the same size as Eb Clarinet cane reeds. Each instrument is supplied with one cane reed and two synthetic beginners reeds. The synthetic reed lasts much longer than a cane reed, does not need to be wet to play, resists damage - and does not grow mould! It is easy-blowing and great for getting younger players started before moving on to the cane reed. The synthetic reed also has a location rib which engages with the mouthpiece table to ensure correct positioning.