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N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHWBL,N610JHWPK,N610JHWGN,N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim
N610JHWBL,N610JHWPK,N610JHWGN,N610JHBBK - Nuvo jHorn Black with black trim

Nuvo jHorn - Black with black trim

Product code: N610JHBBK

Barcode: 0735850173122

RRP £139.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • Revolutionary new “brass” instrument for beginners of all ages
  • Can be pitched in Bb or C
  • Outfit includes moulded case and multi-cup mouthpiece with 3 silicone cups
  • Much lighter than a traditional trumpet, only 0.7kg
  • Available in a range of eye-catching colour combinations
  • Patented rotary face valves
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Introducing the Nuvo jHorn

Nuvo started out by revolutionising the beginner woodwind market, creating a fleet of instruments perfect for beginners in every way. Using the same principles and lightweight materials, Nuvo have created the perfect access point for brass musicians - the jHorn. Made from a combination of durable plastic and silicone, each instrument is ultra-lightweight and couldn't be easier to clean - simply rinse or bathe with soapy water, dry thoroughly and they're good to go!

The jHorn provides the opportunity to learn important “brass” skills from as young as 4 years old. With a full, resonant tone and standard brass fingerings, it is also a lot of fun to play for the brass enthusiast who wants a lightweight, low cost, durable instrument.

The jHorn is tuned in Bb and plays the same register as the tenor trombone, euphonium and baritone horn. It comes with our unique multi-cup mouthpiece to enable experimentation with low, middle or high brass embouchures. You may also try standard trumpet, tenor horn and narrow bore trombone mouthpieces.

Suits a variety of embrachures

The multi-cup mouthpiece is supplied with a selection of 3 silicone cups which represent different mouthpiece profiles by altering the diameter, rim width and depth. This will allow jHorn players to form an idea of which areas of the brass family they would like to explore next, having mastered the basics with Nuvo!

Compatible with classroom music making and brass banding

Be compatible with classroom music making and brass banding Supplied in Bb, the jHorn also comes with a set of C tubes which bring the instrument up to concert pitch. With the Bb tubes fitted, the jHorn occupies the same register as baritone horn, euphonium or tenor trombone. Swap these out for the included C tubes however, and the jHorn joins the ranks of jSax, jFlute and Clarineo to form the basis of the 2nd phase of the Nuvo WindStars classroom curriculum.

Easy to clean

Nuvo instruments are easy to clean and sanitise. For a quick clean, simply spray with an appropriate woodwind disinfectant, leave for a 20 seconds or more then wipe with a dry cloth. When your instrument needs a deeper clean you can bathe it in warm soapy water and leave to dry on a towel. This will remove a build up of dirt or grime in any part of the instrument and get rid of any unwanted bacteria without the need to take it apart or for expensive cleaning equipment.

Built to last

Made from durable plastic and silicone, Nuvo instruments are built to last. Nuvo actively encourages players to pass on their instrument to another beginner once they have moved on to their next instrument, so if looked after well, your instrument could last you through many new players! Maintenance is also simple, with readily available spare parts and simple instructions for fitting and repair.

Fun for all ages

The Nuvo jHorn is an affordable, lightweight and robust learning tool which opens up the world of brass instruments to a wider audience than ever before! Now musicians of all ages can take their first steps in brass playing with an instrument which follows traditional fingerings without breaking the bank. Whether as part of a school teaching program, or a later in life decision to try something new, jHorn is a great starting point.

Enhanced learning

It is equally joyful and rewarding to take up a musical instrument later in life. Our most senior Nuvo student is 86 years young! However, learning to play a musical instrument isn’t easy! It requires concentration, frequent practice, an enthusiastic teacher, a suitable instrument and some degree of passion. Many traditionally designed instruments present hurdles that add to the challenges and inhibit the learning process unnecessarily. Nuvo produce instruments that minimise those hurdles and make learning easier, faster and more accessible.

Case & accessories

The sleek and lightweight case holds everything you need for your jHorn. Also included in the box is the selection of mouthpiece cups, C-tubes and a strap for the case.

Have you seen the Nuvo Windstars books?

Windstar aim to offer a simple, effective, and affordable way for junior school kids to experience playing music together. The idea of a Windstar instrument is to give children a feel for what it would be like to play the real thing. The simpler version allows for skills to develop introducing a class or individual to what playing a wind instrument feels like for them.

Progressing through the program, specially put together by music professionals, children are able to play a musical instrument and develop a life-long love for music at an early age.

Windstars have three different levels to work through. You can start with Level 1 and progress through the stages at your own pace.

Click HERE to view the full range of Nuvo Windstars books.

Available in handy classroom packs

You can also get the jHorn as part of Nuvo's classroom packs, including the Windstars 2 mixed class set and the jHorn class set, which can help to kickstart your classes' musical development! These packs include a selection of instruments as well as teaching books, making them extremely convenient for primary teachers.

Looking after your Nuvo instrument

Although Nuvo instruments require very little maintenance, if you ever need to change a part it is easy to do yourself. Watch the video below for some detailed instructions from the manufacturer....

More useful information

Bass Clef Fingering ChartjHorn Treble Clef Fingering Chart
How to change the jHorn tuning610 
Instrument length35.7cm
Instrument width28.8cm
Instrument height14.6cm
Instrument weight0.72kg
Note range3 octaves