NFP1018 - Nuvo Flute/TooT First Note Lip Plate Black

Nuvo Flute/TooT First Note Lip Plate ~ Black

Product code: NFP1018

Barcode: 5060349486250

RRP £4.20 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • Suitable for jFlute, Student Flute and TooT
  • Easy to clip on and off using removal tool NFP1024
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This lip plate is the traditional option within the Nuvo interchangeable lip plate system. The first note lip plate transforms traditional embouchure with a recorder-style fipple to help beginners who struggle with embouchure to focus on their enthusiasm and learn some fingerings before coming back to the lip technique.

When a player has progressed and is ready to move on from the ‘FirstNote’ lip plate, simply remove the First Note and change to the Standard lip plate using our removal tool (NFP1024) to help clip the lip plates on and off your instrument.