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NCP1082 - Nuvo Clarineo part key 18 Black

Nuvo Clarineo part key 18 ~ Black

Product code: NCP1082

Barcode: 2274846133873

RRP £6.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • Replacement key 18
  • Easily removable
  • Enable teachers or dealers to keep a range of spare parts that may need replacing
  • Simple steps to dismantling, repairing and maintaining your instruments
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Nuvo Clarineo part key 18

We offer a range of spares for all Nuvo instruments so you can repair your instruments and replace parts without needing to go to a specialist.

This replacement part is for the Clarineo

Repair instructions

It is possible to carry out replacements and basic repairs on all Nuvo instruments yourself. You can find instructions and PDF resources on any instrument repairs by clicking HERE!

Nuvo delivers value for money and environmentally friendly instruments which have designed to last for generations. Easy to clean and easy to repair, the hope is that students will pass their instruments on to younger siblings and friends as they progress to the larger instruments in the range.

Easy to clean

Nuvo instruments can be frequently cleaned in hot and soapy water, keeping them hygienic and encouraging sharing

Easy to repair

Nuvo instruments can be repaired without the need for years of technical know-how and they provide spare parts as required.

Pass it on

Nuvo instruments are designed to be used intensively and to last for generations. It is encouraged that students pass their Nuvo instruments on when they graduate to full sized band instruments.