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MOS1440BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14
MOS1440BR,MOS1450BR,MOS1465BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14
MOS1440BR,MOS1450BR,MOS1465BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14
MOS1440BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14
MOS1440BR,MOS1450BR,MOS1465BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14
MOS1440BR,MOS1450BR,MOS1465BR - Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum 14

Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum - 14"x4"

Product code: MOS1440BR

Barcode: 635464876146

RRP £1,121.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • The integrated bridge sets the optimal angle
  • Each model features a unique set of hybrid or single snare cables to maximize sensitivity
  • Revolutionary “Rigid-Cast” claw hook design - oblong receiver hole enclosed in diecast housing
  • Frequency Modifier (FM) accessories allows performers to quickly modify the snares tone
  • Antique nickel brushed finish
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Introducing the Majestic Opus One brass concert snare drum

Dating back more than a century, brass has been a preferred snare drum shell material providing extreme clarity and performance in a variety of musical settings. The antique nickel brushed finish over a 1.2mm brass shell exudes understated elegance while facilitating desirable tonality and sensitivity throughout the extremities of dynamic range.

Testimonials from Opus One featured artists

“The Opus One concert snare drum series by Majestic will reach every musical itch any percussionist could have. The momentum and fresh thinking that is embedded in the development of these instruments should lift the snare drumming community out of its present rut.”

Christopher Lamb - Principal Percussion, New York Philharmonic

“The Opus One series from Majestic is exactly what the percussion community has been waiting for!
Simple, elegant, and unique. The wide spectrum of sounds guarantees to fulfill anyone’s musical needs.”

She-e Wu - International Soloist and Educator

The OP-01 strainer and integrated bridge

The smooth and silent OP-01 strainer is a simple and classic functional design featuring a laser-engraved knurled vertical fine tuner adjustment. This snare also features an integrated bridge that sets the optimal angle, allowing the snare cables to establish a true and consistent point of contact with the resonate side head. The result is extreme responsiveness at all dynamic levels and playing areas of the drum.

Hybrid snares

Each model features its own unique set of hybrid or single snare cables in order to maximize sensitivity of the instrument with which they are paired.

I Lugs

To achieve a classic and elegant look as well as maximum shell resonance, the Opus One series drums feature the chrome plated "I" lug. This paired with the Antique Nickel brushed finish gives this snare class and professionalism in all situations.

Claw hook design

The revolutionary “Rigid-Cast” claw hook design utilizes an oblong receiver hole enclosed in a diecast housing which prevents cracking, ensuring proper tuning alignment, and allowing flexible tolerance for both synthetic and natural heads.

Head selection and Drumdial™ optimisation

In addition, each model comes with specific head combinations and specific Drumdial™ tuning suggestions through extensive testing and collaboration with world renowned artists.

The Frequency Modifier

Opus One snare drums come with Frequency Modifier (FM) accessories intended to allow performers to quickly modify the snare drum’s tone. They have been extensively tested and tailored using the most suitable materials, shapes, and weights as to not muffle desirable frequencies or stifle the drum’s response, but rather allow the player to enhance and expand the pallet of sounds available.

More artist testimonials...

"The Opus One snare drums have an incredible richness and depth to their sound while also having the ability to cut through the texture of an orchestra. Each model offers a unique tone and colour that can help draw the appropriate character out of a piece. We are incredibly delighted to have the Opus One drums in our snare drum inventory!"

Andres Pichardo-Rosenthal - Detroit Symphony Orchestra

"The 14" x 4" brass Opus One snare has become my main instrument of choice. It's beautiful construction, unparalleled sensitivity, and evenness of articulation at all dynamics allows me to perform modern repertoire without having to sacrifice warmth for clarity."

Doug Bush - Team Islas/Author and Educator

"What a line-up! The Opus One series is packed with versatility, color, taste, and personality. It's great to see a series aimed to put the basics at their best: easy command of tuning and timbral control; simple construction and design; good sounding pitch at all tunings with beautiful tone; a refreshing beautiful look."

Casey Cangelosi - International Soloist and Educator

About Majestic

Majestic is a brand of thoughtfully designed instruments for the professional, the educator, and today’s percussion student utilizing carefully constructed ideas born from both traditional percussion instrument heritage and a culture of innovation. The family firm was founded in 1921, supplying organs, pianos and wind instruments with the production of percussion following shortly after.

In 1960 the Majestic brand name was introduced, starting with drum kits which were prevalent among rock bands in the Netherlands. Orchestral and marching percussion soon became the corner stone of the brand, with timpani, marching drum and tuned percussion becoming areas of speciality for Majestic.

To this day product development, engineering, and production are overseen by family members and every model must adhere to stringent standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Please note: all large tuned percussion instruments such as xylophones, marimbas, and vibes etc. are delivered boxed and require assembly.

Shell materialBrass
Shell finishAntique nickel brushed finish
Drum skinHeads: Batter: Evans Orchestra Staccato ; Snare: Evans 200
HoopSingle Flanged (Brass)
LugChrome I Lug
StrainerThe OP-01 Strainer
Snare CablesST16-1401 Uncoated Stainless (5) 0.6 mm cables & (11) 0.8 mm cables
Frequency ModifierPFM1440/50