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GNS-42 - Genesis Images Pack of 8 - Musical instruments A1 wall posters Default title

Genesis Images Pack of 8 - Musical instruments A1 wall posters

Product code: GNS-42

Barcode: 5055964112868

RRP £54.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • 8 x A1 (841x594mm) informative wallcharts
  • Durable 120gsm silk poster paper
  • Features eye catching designs with essential keywords and clear diagrams
  • Series covers the orchestral instrument families, guitars, keyboard and the voice
  • Ideal for classroom, practice room or studio walls
  • Suitable for KS2/KS3/KS4
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Introducing the 8-pack of A1 musical instruments wall posters

This set of 8 educational wallcharts from Genesis Images is ideal for peripatetic teaching rooms. It includes four colourful posters featuring the instruments from each of the different sections of an orchestra, one on exotic world percussion, and three further displays on the other most popular learner instruments.

Each poster is expertly designed, eye-catching and full of detailed information. They’re also made from quality 120gsm silk poster paper, which is durable and built to last for many years.

These wallcharts are the perfect way for teachers to decorate their music classroom, practice room or studio walls with useful information for students of different ages to learn from.

1/8 - Brass instruments

The brass poster features crisp, detailed images of the four standard orchestral brass instruments, accompanied by key facts and information. It includes a section on some common extended techniques, and it also defines and notates the harmonic series.

2/8 - Woodwind instruments

The woodwind poster offers a brief description of the five orchestral woodwind families (flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, and saxophones) along with helpful diagrams which colour code their respective ranges according to the quality of tone. It also features an example of Bb transposition.

3/8 - Percussion instruments

The percussion poster defines the six categories of percussion – pitched and non-pitched membraphones, pitched and non-pitched idiophones, aerophones and chordaphones – with examples and pictures of all the instruments you are likely to encounter in Western classical music.

4/8 - Stringed instruments

The stringed poster displays basic information and ranges for violin, viola, cello and double bass, with extra sections on the orchestral harp and a glossary of standard Italian terms associated with the playing of stringed instruments.

5/8 – Guitars

The guitars poster depicts an annotated anatomy of the electric guitar, along with pictures of the various acoustic members of the guitar family. It includes a pitch map of the entire guitar neck, and it has a particularly useful explanation of the relationship between traditional notation and tablature.

6/8 - The voice

The voice poster has facts about the different types of singing voice, including a stave showing standard ranges. It includes bitesize definitions of 12 key words associated with the composition and performance of both classical and popular vocal music styles.

7/8 - Keyboard instruments

The keyboard poster features detailed descriptions of a large number of keyboard instruments that have been categorised by method of sound production, each accompanied by example images. It includes information on clavichords, harpsichords, organs, pianos and celestas as well as some alternative keyboards and synthesisers.

8/8 - Drums and world percussion

The drums poster has labelled images of percussion instruments from four key countries - salsa from Cuba, samba from Brazil, djembes from West Africa, and tablas from India - accompanied by a map. It also features segments on drum notation basics and examples of the most common drumming rudiments.