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AK32P - Majestic Glockenspiel & 8

Majestic Glockenspiel & 8" practice pad kit with backpack

Product code: AK32P

Barcode: 635464634180

RRP £147.00 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • 2.5 octave bells, 32-notes (F5-C8)
  • 8" tuneable practice pad
  • 2B drum sticks and mallets included
  • Sturdy and reliable stand with music rest
  • Padded carrying case, backpack style
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Introducing the Majestic Glockenspiel & 8" Practice Pad Kit

This kit from Majestic is perfect for aspiring orchestral percussionists, giving you everything you need for the best start. The bells, at 2.5 octaves (F5-C8) have been tuned to perfection and offer a sweet, rounded sound. Also included is an 8" tuneable practice pad that can be placed on any surface for a convenient way to practice snare with minimal disturbance.

The padded backpack style case provides a convenient way to transport and store this kit. With a handy outer pocket, it is perfect for bringing the included 2B drumsticks and glockenspiel mallets, as well as any other additional accessories and music.

About Majestic

Majestic is a brand of thoughtfully designed instruments for the professional, the educator, and today’s percussion student utilizing carefully constructed ideas born from both traditional percussion instrument heritage and a culture of innovation. The family firm was founded in 1921, supplying organs, pianos and wind instruments with the production of percussion following shortly after.

In 1960 the Majestic brand name was introduced, starting with drum kits which were prevalent among rock bands in the Netherlands. Orchestral and marching percussion soon became the corner stone of the brand, with timpani, marching drum and tuned percussion becoming areas of speciality for Majestic.

To this day product development, engineering, and production are overseen by family members and every model must adhere to stringent standards of craftsmanship and performance.

Please note: all large tuned percussion instruments such as xylophones, marimbas, and vibes etc. are delivered boxed and require assembly.

Glockenspiel range2.5 octaves F5-C8
Practice pad diameter8"
Practice padtuneable
Drum sticks2B
Music rackIncluded
Carrying casePadded, backpack style