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49-SX2000 - Studio 49 2000 range soprano diatonic xylophone Default title

Studio 49 2000 range soprano diatonic xylophone

Product code: 49-SX2000

RRP £516.01 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • 16 solid wood note bars crafted from hand selected rosewood
  • Range from C52 - A73
  • Flexible pins and textile coated bar seating
  • Integrated handles for easy carrying
  • Solid pine resonance box
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The 2000 range of tuned percussion from Studio 49 is a fine and well respected range of instruments which have been used in classrooms for generations.
This xylophone has a note range of C52-A73 and comes with 1 pair of beaters and 3 extra notes: 2xF# & 1xBb. The 16 solid wood note bars are crafted using hand selected rosewood which creates a far superior sound.
This coupled with a bespoke designed resonance box with multiple chambers create a fantastic sounding classroom xylophone.
Combine this xyolphone with the 49-HSX2000 chromatic half to create a fully chromatic instrument.
Comparatively small and lightweight, the instrument is easy to store and move.