NWS1SB - Nuvo WindStars 1 Sound Before Sight – student book Default title

Nuvo WindStars 1 Sound Before Sight – student book

Product code: NWS1SB

Barcode: 735850173030

RRP £10.50

Key product features

  • Designed to be used with the Nuvo DooD & TooT
  • First book in WindStar series
  • Suitable for children from age 5 plus with little to no musical knowledge
  • Basic wind instrument skills are introduced
  • Simple tunes using standard notation
  • Teacher book also available separately
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WindStars 1 Sound Before Sight uses the Nuvo DooD & TooT instruments to provide the stepping-stones towards the more advanced instruments used in WindStars 2.

WindStars 1 has been designed to primarily to encourage the students to learn by ear, while the basics of traditional notation are also introduced. The WindStars 1 programme encourages students to use their instruments and explore their own musical creativity, help develop fine and gross motor skills along with proper playing techniques.

The book does include references to various material (printable files, backing tracks and videos) which can be downloaded from the WindStars website:

For additional support, check out the video content and play along today!