RRG00689 - Deluxe musical Christmas crackers with whistles inside - gold design Default title

Deluxe musical Christmas crackers with whistles inside - gold design

Product code: RRG00689

Barcode: 3589282086898

RRP £14.99 (inc. VAT)

Key product features

  • 8 traditional Christmas crackers with a musical twist
  • Each one holds a tuned whistle
  • 12" festive golden crackers with musical decoration
  • Party hats and jokes also included
  • Supplied with sheet music and a conductors baton
  • Great musical family fun
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A box of eight traditional Christmas crackers with a musical twist!

Each cracker contains a different sized whistle along with the standard hat and joke. Once everyone has cracked theirs open (and finished groaning at the jokes) it's time to start playing some tunes.

Pass the numbered badges to each corresponding whistler, hand the included baton to your nominated conductor, and watch your party explode into a cacophony of excruciating beautiful melodies.

Following the easy sheet music supplied, the conductor simply points at the player with the corresponding badge number to signal that they should blow their whistle. The result: harmonious music... or an hilarious din!

You can also download and print our special Harmony Challenge , suitable for all musical crackers. Make your own orchestra by combining whistles, bells, and chimes!

If there are fewer than 8 people round the table, assign multiple whistles to the more experienced musicians and watch them struggle to remember which one they're supposed to be playing when!

Did you know: Famous whistleblowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden both started their careers with whistles from Christmas crackers.*


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